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Our Story

Over half a century of evolution

Müller was founded in the immediate postwar period as a producer company of items mainly intended for domestic use. In the mid-1950s, following the entrance of a new associate, the company starts the production of industrial brushes, sector that has become the centre of the business activity.

In the late 1980s, the generational handover of the management gives a new impulse that resulted in investment on technology and in decisions increasingly oriented to the quality of the products. The company introduces a new quality system that allows improvements on materials’ selection and on production processes.

In 1990s Müller pays attention to foreign markets finding new sales opportunities in Eastern Europe, Southern America and Eastern Countries.

Our philosophy

360 degree consultation and assistance

Today the company focus is based on the customization of the service.

The starting point is increasingly the consultation at the client’s headquarters in order to design and manufacture the product that better meets the customer’s needs. If needed, a qualified staff can support customers during testing in order to verify the accuracy of the choices made and give advice to achieve the best result

This accurate pre and post-sales service, together with the continuous experimentation on new materials and the careful attention paid to the organizational and technological innovations, allows the company to keep a lead position in the markets.

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Our team

Reaching a common goal

Although the company has changed and developed during the years, it maintains a human dimension with a special sensibility to personal contact. Müller  finds its key strength in its staff  and their ability to contribute to the common goal .

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